The Chiboy I know


Once upon a time, a boy child was born into the family of Mary and Late Fidelis Amaechi in the year 1985, month May 27. Little did the parents know that the boy child would become the governor of Rivers State. Not even relations of the child.

The family of many siblings but untied they were, Chiboy is humble and respectful in nature. Plays his street balls with caution and fetches his water in grand style, not arrogant or disobedient, I must testify to that.

Chigbu Street at Mile Three Diobu Port Harcourt had never complained about insults from any quarter meted to them from Chiboy. No wonder God exalted him above board. A miracle-working God indeed.

As a school boy at Ubima, his home town, he excelled in his Elementary School days at St. Theresa Primary School with flying colours (1970 – 1976). Late Chiboy proceeded to Government Secondary School Okolobiri in 1977 and rounded up in 1982.

University of Port Harcourt gate was opened to him in 1983 and he graduated with an honours degree in 1987 laying his political life and foundation in the University of Port Harcourt where he actively participated in Students’ Union Politics in the national Union of Rivers State Students  (NURSS) as President and NANS. Completing his National Youth Service in 1988, he then joined Pamo Clinics and Hospitals Limited where he worked as Public Relations Officer till 1992.

The quest for excelling higher enveloped him. He joined partisan politics and became the secretary of the National Republican Convention in Ikwerre Local government from 1992 – 1994. he was Special Assistant to the Deputy Governor of Rivers State and a member of the board of Directors of West-African Glass Industry and Risonpalm Nigeria Limited.

In 1996 he joined the Democratic Party of Nigeria (DPN) as State Secretary of the party caretaker committee, a position he held until the political development was halted following the death of General Abacha.

This young and astute politician in 1999 was elected state legislator in Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).Chiboy was a unanimous choice amongst the elected legislators for the position of Speaker for the Rivers State House of Assembly. Also in 1999 during his tenure the Rivers State House of Assembly was most productive and an award of excellence was given to him in June 2000.

In November 2000, Chiboy became the chairman of Conference of Speakers of the State Assemblies, a position he held for two terms because of the trust and confidence his fellow speakers had in him. It had never been so in the history of Rivers State and Nigeria.

In the year 2006, Chiboy presented himself for the governorship position of his party in the primaries; he won in a landslide victory. As celebrations were going on, some sycophants, conspirators sought to deny him his victory but the astute politician who believes in the rule of law sought the intervention of the courts against these attempts and was later sworn in as Executive Governor of Rivers State in 2007.

Since assumption of office till date, Rivers State has been peaceful. People go about their businesses without molestation. On-going projects are in progress, completed ones commissioned – like our health centres, sixty, sixty, sixty . Chiboy is a saviour indeed for Rivers State people. All others are sinking sand.

The Amaechi-led administration is one of no equal. In Port Harcourt township, engineers are battling hard to fight drainage by constructing good gutters along the streets. Streets affected are Creek Road, Bonny, Niger, Bende and Victoria streets. All the constructions are taking place at the same time. This had never been in the history of Rivers State.

The beauty of the city comes alive as you drive pass.  Visible change we can see.

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is an astute Christian, Knight of Saint John. He is married to Dame Judith Amaechi by whom he had three lovely sons.

Chiboy maintains a good psyche which is a bonus for a good looking man. He holds very highly strong attachment to family values.

Chiboy, this writer congratulates you on your victory as Governor of Rivers State for this second term. Of a truth, you are God-sent for Rivers State. To God be the glory. It is pertinent that the projects be completed.

Chiboy, your projects are excellent.

Long live Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

Long live Rivers people!

The treasure-base of the Nation must shine forth.

Thank you Bravo!

Julie Jumbo