Vehicle Faults Detector Hits Market


For the army of unemployed Nigerian youths, a window of opportunity to earn a decent living may have opened, with the introduction of an automobile fault detector into the local market.

C-Reader is a portable diagnostic device that immediately detects fault and reports the exact health condition of vehicles manufactured post – 1996, irrespective of model.

“What this means is that you can easily set up a small scale industry, whereby you carry around the device to help people check the conditions of their cars”, says Emmanuel Excel Ogbede, Chief Executive Officer of Business Builders Ltd. an Ibadan-based investment firm, marketing the product in Nigeria and West Africa for Car Tools Launch, the American Manufacturers.

“You don’t to set up a workshop. You can station yourself in a car wash or go to offices to seek patronage and in view of the fact that it takes under five or six minutes to diagnose what is wrong in a car, an enterprising youth can make up to N10,000 or more a day helping people to check out their cars, he said.

Ogbede, says he sees the introduction of the product as his own contribution to helping to create jobs.

According to him, his company offers a crash training programme on how the technology operates for interested individuals or companies who may want to act as dealers or sub-dealers.

He said the C-Reader V is also useful to individual motorists as it can help reduces the risk of accident, thus save live by alerting them to possible future malfunctioning components in vehicles before it worsens.