Healthy Ways Of Handling Stress


Stress is a common denominator among humans. Both men and women get stressed up in one way or the other and it is felt in different ways. Women especially working women are the ready victims of stress because they have the office with its own challenges and the home front with its own varying challenges tool.

Some have suggested screaming hitting somebody or punching a wall as some ways of dealing with stress but this have not done much. Talking to someone you trust and love sometime can get you on the path of solving your problem or feeling better at least as problem discussed is half solved as the saying goes.

Aside this, health experts have proffered other ways of handling stress. They are:

Getting Support: They advised stress victims to get reach out to people who care about them when in need of help. It could be talking to a trusted adult. Such as a parent, relative, a church counselor or friends. They may have had similar problems you are facing and will be in better position to tell you how to handle it as experience is the best teacher though not always.

You don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by getting freak out. It is easy to let your feelings go wild when you are upset. Note your feelings. Lets say you are angry; note it and say or think about why you feel the way you are feeling.

Then find a way of calming down and get past the feelings by expressing them. Do a breathing exercise, play with a pet listen to music, go for a walk or a bike ride or as a matter of fact anything that help you shift to a better mood.

Some people, sometimes take it out on themselves when upset or stressed up. But that is not a good idea because there are always people to help you. Be kind to yourself and ask for a helping hand. Somebody is there to give the pat on the back that you need and deserve to get you through the tough situation you are going through.

When you are calm try to face the problem squarely, don’t try to avoid it. There is need to figure what the problem is and even if you cannot solve all of it, you can begin by solving it in piecemeal.

Also stress victim need to have a positive mindset. This is because most stress is temporary. Though it may not seek like you will be able to get out of the situation when you are at the middle it but more often than not it goes away especially when you identify the problem and you work on solving it.

Healthy habits can prevent the harmful effects of stress. One of these habits is having a daily dose of friendship. It is a great medicine. Have a list of friends and family that you can share your feelings, hopes and joys with.

Regular physical activity eases mental and physical tension. Adults that are physically active have the lower risk of depression and loss of mental functioning. Physical activity such as walking, swimming, dancing or biking on daily basis presents a great source of pleasure.

Things that one can not change should not be a bother but it should be accepted. May be one did not utilize her prime very well and age is not on your side anymore, you don’t need to say “I am to old”. There are still things you can do – you can learn new things, set a goal and work towards it or better still get involve in welfare. Laughter eases tension and makes one feels good. So just laugh out loud even when alone at a joke, a funny movie or a comic strip.

Bad habits such as taking too much alcohol, cigarettes or caffeine should be dropped because they can increase stress.

Always plan ahead of time to allow enough time to get things done. Don’t allow yourself to be shoked up then you start using a fire-brigade approach. Planning helps you go at your pace instead of racing ensure that you get enough sleep. Experts advised at least getting six to eight hours sleep every night. Getting involved in physical activity may also improve your quality of sleep.

Be more organized by having a list of what to do which will help you to focus on the most important tasks. And the approach should be one at a time, for instance starts by organising just one part of your life like arranging your kitchen, closet, cupboard or drawer.

Practice giving back to society. Volunteer your time or money to help those in need because helping others helps you getting an inner joy that could not be got from any where. Try to return a favour to a friend, neighbour of collea.

That you were not able to clean your kitchen or finish one task or the other would not make the world to come to an end. So there is no need of getting worked up or worried. Certainly you need to do these things but that you could not meet up today does not mean you should raise your adrenaline.

Note that “it takes dedication and inner strength to achieve that special peace about yourself that will enable you take life’s craziness and insanity and create your own special place. Having a special place is important because the self is important.

The concept of self merely refers to the notion of ensuring that you are in working order as a human being and that your faculties function to the greatest human potential which enable you contribute to society as a whole instead of as a sum of your parts”, according stress-relief-articles. Com.


Vivian-Peace Gboelo