‘Life Without Michael Jackson’


It was an emotional reminiscence when two of Michael Jackson’s children, Prince Michael, 13, and Paris, 12 spoke about their ‘normal dad’ in a television interview with Oprah Winfrey last weekend.

The two children who described their legendary father as a normal dad said the veils their father made them wear in public were uncomfortable but that they wore them because whenever they went out without their dad, nobody recognized them.

Paris who said “he felt like no one understood what a good father Michael Jackson was has this to say: “when we did go out without dad, nobody would really recognize us”.

Prince Michael, while also reminiscising about walking on the beach in Bahrain with Jackson who died in June 2009, said living without their father was a painful thing to bear.

According to him, he would want to be a movie producer and director.

Paris  also said she wanted to be an actress, adding that her father was ‘the best cook ever”, and “a normal dad excerpt for he was like the best dad ever”.

Also speaking at their Los Angeles home, Jackson’s mother, Katherine said the late musician’s three children, Prince Michael, Paris and the eight year old Prince Michael II also known as Blanket spoke a lot about their father.

“Paris, she’s very emotional. She talks about him all the time and she’s a strong one. All the pictures on her wall in her room are Michael”, Katherine said.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s mother said the late music colossus was addicted to plastic surgery and that Jackson’s nose became so small it looked “like a toothpick”. She said she had tried to stop her son’s addiction to painkillers and plastic surgery but all to no avail.”


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