Wife Dialogues With Husband’s Mistress


A wife is part and parcel of her husband as the Bible rightly says that both of them become one flesh.

Recently, a wife met a mistress, a suspected lover of her husband and this dialogue ensued between them.

Wife: I know we are all women but what makes you associate with married men?

Mistress: Well, I suppose they are the ones who are out to give joy to unmarried women without any strings attached.

Wife: You do really know these men are only having fun at your expense?

Mistress: Yes, we folks outside do know this fact, and mark you we gain a lot too.

Wife: What exactly do you gain from a man, who has given the best part of his life to another woman. A woman he had chosen to love, cherish and to live with all the days of his life. A beloved from his strings of women friends and marched down the aisle?

Mistress: We gain such material wealth like having expensive clothes, Jewelries etc.

Wife: Do you ever have any atom of love for these men because we inside the home usually believe a man’s first loyalty is to his wife and family, all other associations come secondary?

Mistress: I do agree with you my dear, some of these men are devoted and committed to their wives and families that some times they let you know from the beginning that their association with you must be most secretive because they would hate to love their wives.

Coming to your next point, that is, do we some time love the men? My answer is yes in capital.

Some of these men are most handsome, there are ones that are pot bellied and have nothing to offer. Some are very rich, which encourages you to stay on. Grabbing as much as you can.

Wife: What a waste of one’s time.

Mistress: Oh no, it is no waste of time as far as we are concerned we are pushed into such situations.

It is every woman’s desire to marry but if it did not turn out positive, life must go on.

Wife: Dating married men is not the ultimate. Majority of the married men snatch a little fun here and there after which they quickly drop the issue and go back to their wives and families.

Mistress: We are also having fun as it were more often than not some of us have 3 or more different married men-friends. Each shouldering one responsibility or the other. The one I love most is the one I spend for.

Wife: Why do you care for him and spend so much on him.

Mistress: I love him because he is the one that is difficult to get on with, the other ones are easy to get along with.

Wife: It is wise to turn a new leaf. Stop your involvement with married men.

Mistress: It is not easy. Only the married rich men that can help out since there is no single man that I can call my own. The married men are helping out to make life meaningful.

Wife: Of a truth life is war but it is wise to look up to God, the author and finisher of our faith. He can do for you what no man can do. Believe in him. Accept Him as your Lord and Saviour. Jesus can solve the problems and He will take away the reproach of unmarried life.

Keeping a lot of men in your life will ruin you completely. Change your life style for the better. AIDS is real, Hell fire is also real. Stop selling your body for money. It is the temple of the most High God. Keep it Holy. If you believe, the Lord will order the foot steps of your husband and your life will ever remain the same. Believe and our Lord Jesus will give you the desires of your heart.

It is done in Jesus Name, Amen.

Mistress: Thank you.


Julie Jumbo