Let’s Dance Naked


It may be reasonable to assert that if the individual develops enough ‘self-control’ it may not matter too much what he is exposed to.But some have however, confirmed in contrast that the effect of pornography on the spirit of the individual is to indulge his or her sense of compromise or what is called ‘sin’, and that excessive exposure to pornography actually deadens sexual interest as it creates boredom for the beholder.

Pornography is any material or object such as books, magazines and films that is designed to cause sexual excitement or arouse sexual urge. It has been taken to a higher level in television drama, live performances and through music, with little or no restriction, such that it has inflicted negative values on our cultural orientation. This is obvious in  our female dressing.

A sampler of dress styles in offices, campuses and even churches especially among women would reveal that sexually expressive dressing has been on the rise for a very long time without minding the temper of the social fabric or public order.

Body parts are always readily on display and it would appear that pornography has been taken to a live art form on the streets. If pornography were as ‘influential’ as it was made to be, then we would be experiencing more rapes than we currently do.

Pornography has a three fold influence: the body, the mind and the spirit. It affects the body principally by inflaming the passions through the instrumentality of the ‘eye’ gates. As the pictures come across the eyes, they are transmitted to the brain, culminating in nervous response. This provokes expressive action towards the opposite sex if not well managed.

The effect on the mind is more negative. The mind, being a store of information, merely stores the information, releasing it from time to time to play in its land of imagination. Another or a similar term for this is what is called voyeurism where sexual images play a game of travel, fantasy on the mind and body. Here, if the mind is a virgin field, the imagination is its cultivator. The battle for the control of our imagination is the battle for the control of our mind.

The sad thing about pornography is that since it is an industry, it feeds its loyalists with fantastic images which may or may not be consistent with reality. This often creates a frustration for seekers and the sought. The seekers seek in vain for the pictures in display, while the sought battle to meet the parameters on display, such that even when relationships are built on factors more durable than body parts, practitioners are never really sure if body parts are not the most important of factors driving the relationships.

Others have identified a more dangerous dynamic to the pornographic effects on the mind, citing its creation (or as the case may be the promotion) of lust in the individual.

Pornography has a negative value tending from its depiction of the female sex as an object of sexual exploitation. Those who frown at the practice are not known to apply any positive association to it, even though the practice has been long in existence and known to be foundational and catalytic to a wide variety of industries allied to or central to it.

Pornography (even if in a short-term) stems from a multi-cultural view of women as instruments of passion for the satisfaction of powerful male drives who need reinforcement from the female gender.

Typically, the male specie is task-oriented and this task-orientation finds subtle confirmation in the story of Adam’s creation.

As soon as he was created, Adam was put into an environment that was conducive to his task responsive and restless orientation.

Correspondingly, the unpretentious language of Paul in the male/female sexual dynamic prefaced by the use of the word ‘use’ becomes significant.

Feminists challenge or frown at the language of Paul once again, drawing attention even if unconvincingly, to the world ‘use’ as being determinative of males as sex objects asserting to its promotion of the sex trade and the occupational denigration of women.

This is true also for the seeming ‘negative’ motions of the ‘man’. The natural impulse, and the innate drive in man, ‘to do’, as normal as the blood flowing intravenously is so strong that men will themselves fight just for the plain pleasure of the relaxation following the expenditure of physical reserve or energy. For the same reason, men actively engage in many and several forms of sporting activity each variously conforming to their mage of ‘achievement’.

Interestingly, and on the converse, when female folk engage in partial or full exertions such as aerobic and, or sports, they carry it out as an incident of relationship, rather than as a purveyor of achievement except in situations in which the competition is carried out for the sake of a prize or trophy.

Subterranean attempts to change or challenge the ‘doing’ psyche of the male through denial of food, sex and exercise would only work to breed confusion and cause a twisting of the male emotion in him such as to render him emotionally incompetent and distant.

It is for this reason that the Bible cautions that in the mounding of the character of their flock, Christian leaders ought to be careful to ensure that they do not make their converts ‘twice the sons of hell’!

Some cruel Christian leaders have, however, left the work of God, by engaging ‘puppeteering’, playing ‘wicked’ mind games and selective persecution of their flock to fund ‘secret agenda’.


Boye Salau