Nigerian Actor Romances With Ghanaian Actress


A popular Nigerian actor is in a hot romantic relationship with a Ghanaian actress after the duo shot films together.

The actor as Small Talks was informed took the relationship to the next level after discovering the lady’s love life.

The Tide on Sunday, gathered that the actor has repeatedly taken the woman to bed after they shot a recent film together in Ghana.

Our investigation has it that the actor who is known for his shy nature in acting decided to join other of his  pals in extra marital affairs which have become popular among film makers.

Though the actor is denying the illicit with the lady, but claimed that she only paid her dues for accepting to act with him.

Small Talks gathered that the actor who has since returned back to the country, is still insisting on not doing it with the ebony black Ghanaian lady. Our checks further revealed that over the years, Nigerian actors have been making dangerous moves in various shooting sites around the African countries. It is now an open secret that actors and actresses have extra  marital affairs.