Seamstress Evicts Relative For Stealing Sex


A seamstress in  Diobu has evicted her relative for attempting to steal sex from a female corps members who she is equally housing in the same room.

According to our source, the seamstress brother has come to town to complete his pilgrimage rites for  his  journey to Jerusalem this year.

Small Talks learnt that the self acclaimed evangelist, would always want to secretly watch time the ladies were changing after bath.

At night, Small Talks gathered the young man who was always  laying on the floor stretched his hand to rub the corps member in between her legs.

On noticing a strange sensation on her body, our checks revealed that the corps member caught the young man red handed.

We learnt that the man made every frantic effort to plead with Ajuwaya who could not help but to report the development to their hostess.

On hearing the incident, the female tailor evicted the youngman, claiming that she is not longer safe in the boy’s hands.

We were also told that  the intending pilgrim is pleading seriously with her hostess not to make the story open, as it may affect his intended movement to the Holy Land.