Zoning Is Evil – Clark


Frontline leader and elder statesman of the Niger Delta, Chief Edwin Clark says zoing the presidency is an evil means employed by a few Northerners to deceive Nigerians and deny the South-South their right to produce a president come 2010.

Chief Clark who spoke to our correspondent in an interview at the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa, yesterday, declared that the so-called zoning agreement, “if any, was dead long ago as there was a breach.

“The so-called zoning, much talked about now, by Northerners died long ago as there was a breach. It is a way of trying to stop us from ruling the country. If Atiku Abubakar knew that there was zoning agreement in 1999, why did he plan to overthrow his boss, Obasanjo after it was decided that the West should rule?

According to him, the North has ruled for 38 years, West 12 years, East only 6 months while the South producing 90 per cent of the nation’s wealth has not ruled for one day, “a situation that should not be allowed to continue if we say we are one country. God says enough is enough and that is why Jonathan is now in the right place God gave him.”

He noted that the South-South people have taken their stand based on the Calabar Declaration of 2007, “when we resolved that the South-South should rule the country.” He pointed out that the position had been made very clear and communicated to the Northerners through an organization called the “Congress for Equality and Change.”

The Niger Delta leader said “we are negotiating with the North and majority of the Northerners are with Jonathan.”

Chief Clark who was in Port Harcourt for the inauguration of the Ijaw National Congress (IYC) new executive, described President Goodluck Jonathan as well qualified, well educated, a politician of high repute who has been tested and proven to be capable of ruling the country.

On the rate of kidnapping in the South-East, he simply said “when youths in Niger Delta started kidnapping expertriats working in oil companies, they were fighting a cause but now that those in the South-East are kidnapping, they are not doing it for a cause but for money, so Goodluck for them.”


Shedie Okpara