Woman Jailed For Having Sex With Son


A middle aged woman in Michigan has sonmet for having sex with her 14-year-old son.

Small talks learnt that the 36-year-old woman gave the boy up for adoption when he was few days old.

The Tide On Sunday was briefed that she received update of her baby each year including his photographs.

We learnt that when the boy turned 14, the mother refused to show up for his updates as usual.

Reports have it that the woman tracked down her son via a social networking web site.

On sighting him on the web, the woman developed an immediate love for him, wishing him to be her boyfriend.

We learnt that when she succeeded in tracking her son/lover down, she made him to have sex with her in a hotel and in their Waterford home.

When the matter was reported to the police, and later charged to court, the woman got between nine -30 years jail term by a court in that area.