Teenager Gets Leg Burnt Over Missing N3,000


A 14-year-old boy’s leg has been roasted by his master over missing N3,000 in Lagos.

The minor who is a carpentry apprentice, as we learnt, misplace the money which was deposited by a customer.

Small Talks was informed that the boy claimed among other things that the cash might have fallen into the pit latrine when he went to ease himself.

This publication further gathered that the boy was repeatedly flogged with wire by his senior apprentices in the workshop.

According to Small Talks checks, the boy’s refusal to cry or confess when his master was beating him upon his return made his mast to roast his leg in the fire.

We gathered that the teenager was bounded legs and hands before one of his legs was introduced to the fire.

The boy who continued to claim innocent, endured the heat of the fire which gave him what medical practioners described as third degree burn.

We also learnt that the teenager is now suffering a psychological trauma.

The hospital bill, as Small Talks checks revealed, has amounted to N150,000 with the boy’s master paying only N20,000.