First Lady Chases Publisher Out Of Govt House


A governor’s wife in the country has disgraced a newspaper publisher out of Government House, saying it was too much  of her.

Small Talks was told that the female publisher was mouthy, claiming that she was instructmental to the governor’s successful election.

We also heard that the female publisher claims that she is one of the governor’s lovers.

According to the gist, she tells friends and colleagues that to date the man at the top was no joke.

Irked by those statements against her husband, the first lady started policing the publisher.

One fateful day, Small Talks further learnt, there was a function in that Government House and the female publisher as well as other of her colleagues were there to attend as usual.

Armed with serious information about the publisher, the first lady kept an eye on her.

An attempt to meet the chief executive of that state by the publisher received a light kind of speed by the first lady who we learnt, told the publisher to steer clear of her man.

Taking it as a joke, the publisher wanted to react, but was surprised when the first lady showed her the way out of the Government House.

Small Talks was also informed that the publisher has relocated to another state since  after the incidence, may be to cool off.