MC’s Comment Re-unites Marriage


Wonder, they say will never end. Recently, in the coal city (Enugu) during a traditional wedding ceremony, a master of ceremony, re-united a newly-broken up marriage by a mere comment.

According to our source, the man in question womanises to the “admiration” of his neighbours. Hints have it that the man does not see “any thing” in skirt without planning or unveiling it.

Small Talks gathered that his wife will always kick against any person trying to tell her that her husband is unfaithful to her. We were told that she will only tell them not to worry that she has the liquid content.

Neighbour started calling the  main liquid content without letting him know how the phrase originated.

Small Talks was further told that during a wedding ceremony in the coal city that when the couple were called to the high table, that the MC jokingly added that the other guests should clap and welcome the liquid content and his wife to the high table.

We were told that at the high table, the man became troubled and pleaded with his wife to explain to him what or who the liquid content is.

Without much ado as Small Talk learnt, she told him that he was the liquid content been referred by the MC due to his unfaithfulness.

In a light kind of speed the man immediately pleaded forgiveness and has remained a faithful husband.