Man Flogged For Sleeping With Officer’s Wife


A primary school teacher with one  of the Army Day Primary Schools in the South-South has been lashed 40 strokes of the cane for having sex with an army officer’s wife.

Small Talks learnt that the randy teacher has been linked to such acts with some pupils in his class.

We gathered that the teacher who is from Rivers State started working with the officer’s wife when he discovered that her husband was always on foreign assignments.

Though, our checks reveal that most army officers’ wives are into the business of sleeping around over what they termed as sex starvation by their husbands.

We were told that the randy teacher has gone to steal sex from the army officer’s wife as usual thinking that her husband has gone on foreign tours. Unknown to him (the teacher), the officer has planted soldiers all around the house following tips by his neighbours.

At the middle of the “action” as we learnt, the teacher was rounded up by the soldiers. When he was caught and made to face a military panel, he was sentenced to 40 strokes of the cane that must be executed by a machine.

The teacher, as Small Talks was informed, was also transferred to another station.