Kogi Polytechnic Gets ETF Commendation


The Education Trust Fund (ETF) has commended the Kogi State Polytechnic for prudent management of intervention funds allocated to it

The ETF Executive Secretary, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu gave the commendation on Saturday in Lokoja when he inaugurated some ETF funded projects of the Polytechnic.

“I say the Kogi State Polytechnic has maintained a focus because the two projects we are inaugurating today fit directly to their core mandate”.

“A polytechnic is for science, technology and technology based courses, and I am happy to say this polytechnic has maintained its focus,” Yakubu said.

He said the purpose of ETF was to have more funds for the institutions and the institutions were, in turn, expected to deploy the resources to their core mandate.

The executive secretary said the Kogi State Polytechnic was one of the polytechnics, which had responded speedily to the provision of the fund made in 2008 for ETF Academic Staff Training and Development

“Since we started this initiative in 2008, we did not think that we were going to achieve what we achieved so far.

“As at the end of March 2010, 2,068 lecturers have been sponsored by the ETF Academic Staff Training and Development for courses within and outside the country,” he said.

Yakubu expressed the hope that with the diligent implementation of the intervention fund by the Rector, Prof. Matthew Ajibero, the Kogi State Polytechnic could become a degree-awarding institution.

Answering questions from newsmen after the inauguration, the executive secretary said, the future of the ETF lay in the continuing collaboration between the fund and beneficiaries.

“The way of the future for ETF is; you give funds, you monitor implementation and you also commission projects,” he said.

He said the ETF was always ready to fund projects of tertiary institutions as long as they were in the institutions’ core mandate.

“Overall I am happy with what the Kogi State Polytechnic has done with ETF intervention, which is why the board of ETF and the Federal Government selected the polytechnic as a beneficiary of the second phase of the intervention”.

“The sum of N1 billion Special High Impact Intervention Fund has been allocated to the school and as you can see from the gate to the end of the polytechnic, no ETF funds have been used outside what we call the core mandate.”

“ We have discouraged our beneficiaries from using the funds for the fencing of the campuses or provision of befitting gates.

“Now you can see the deployment of resources appropriately, lecture theatres, laboratories, furnished classrooms, furnished libraries, books and ICT facilities.

“I wish to commend the Kogi State Polytechnic for sticking to the ETF mandate by deploying the resources to the teaching and learning environment,” Yakubu said.

In his remarks, Ajibero said the role of the ETF was commendable as the fund had been able to turn around the fortunes of tertiary institutions.