Is It Right To Judge Others?


You will be judge according to your own sin. So, if you repent, you have the right to tell others the truth, to preach and rebuke others, to call them to order, presenting Christ (only) to them, because He is the only person that can save all from sin, as confirmed again in Mathew 1.21 and Acts 4:12. It is very important for you to repent first before you preach to others. If not, you are causing confusion.

That’s exactly what the word of God is saying. Read that Roman chapter 2 carefully and prayerfully again. The passage is one for a soul x-ray’. Examine your life through that chapter. If you claim that you are circumcised physically, when you are dubious spiritually, your circumcision is useless. Do you claim to know God, or to be a man of God, while you are wicked? You are judging others when you are doing the same thing! But it should not be when you know that you are doing evil and somebody (who has repented and surrendered to Jesus like the prodigal son) is preaching to you, you begin to shout on the fellow. “Do not judge! Do not judge!” If you do that, you are killing yourself.

There is nowhere the Bible says that we should not judge righteously. In 1st Corinthians chapter 1 verse 10, we are told to have one mind and have one judgement. One God, one Chris, one baptism. There is no division in God. We should have one mind to judge righteously according to the will of God. So, you have to judge others or preach to others.

You are not judging the gospel to them. You are only judging others when you are committing the same sin that you are telling them to leave. But if you repent and surrender to God, you have the right to preach the word of God like other genuine people we read about in the word of God. So, give your life to Jesus.

Many have memorized the portion of the verse that says, “do no judge”. They will not read it down properly to know the full content for clear action. So, please study Romans chapter 2 very well and help yourself. Jesus will intervene in your life. You are only judging others if you are committing the same sin that you are telling others to leave. But if you repent, you have right to help others because blessed are those who preach the good news of freedom as echoed in Daniel chapter 12:3. That is preaching the good news of God to souls through Christ in the company of the Holy Spirit. Indeed, we are to be united in one mind, preaching the word of God, giving peace tom people who want it. This is because a tine will be disaster.

This is a time that we have to look well. If you are not standing according to the will of God, you should stand and lay good foundation in Christ (the Rock of Ages), so as to be able to rebuke others or preach to others for their own repentance. God is giving life. But look at many people memorizing the verse that says “do not judge”, using that to attack genuine preachers without fear and without shame.

Presently, even liars quote “do not judge”. If you rebuke some people to repent or preach to them, they will charge at you: “do not judge!” Even some who claim to be believers, if you preach seriously against evil the accuse you of judging people. That is dangerous. Preaching the gospel is not diversionary judgement. You are judging people only if you are doing the same thing that you are preaching against. But if you have repented of your own sins, you have the right to rebuke others and to show them God’s love by preaching to them.

As already noted above, if you meet some people and tell them to leave sin, they will say “do not judge”. They quote the Bible, it is in the Bible, but we are told also in the same Bible (in John chapter 7 verse 24) that we should judge righteous judgement. You are judging righteously by preaching to people, rebuke people, telling people to leave sin and have genuine life through Christ.  Jesus came into the world to preach too, as you can see in Mathew 4:17 where he said “repent ye, for the Kingdom of God is at hand”. Jesus is a very nice fellow. He knew His stand as the son of God, holy like His Father. That was why He was able to preach to others. He said, “repent ye for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”

We can see also the preaching of John the Baptist in the same Mathew chapter 3 verses I and 2. He said, “repent ye, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”

But for iniquitous people, people who are committing sins here and there, judging others excludes or removes repentance from their so-called preaching.

The are now preaching only ‘Kingdom’. How can you get into the kingdom of God without repentance? You must repent before the kingdom of God will reach you. So, that’s the truth judging others is only when you are living in sin and you are your preaching to others will be recognized by god.

That’s exactly what that word means. Give God enhance in your life to overthrow the wickedness of Satan, setting you free. That is why you need so that you will stand on better ground to tell others to leave their sins. Jesus is a saviour. He will do something if you allow Him now.  This is your chance and may be your last chance. Allow our god to do something. Remove the beam or the log of word that covers your eyes. That means, repent of your own sin, so that you will be able to preach to others. Without doing that first, you are judging them. That’s the only time the world of God condemns judging others. You have the right to judge others, but that or such judgement must be one of genuine rebuke. Open rebuke is better than secret love.

If you love somebody, you have to rebuke or warn him or her about sin. You have to preach to people, rebuking them into life. There is no peace for the wicked. So, to avoid being a judge against others, you have to leave your own sin and see what God will do.

Jesus will do it in your life. Open your heart and allow our God to come in and do His wonders in your life through the blood of Christ. Do it now so that you will have boldness to preach to others. There is no sin that God cannot forgive.

There is no sinner that God cannot save once there is genuine repentance. That is your chance and may be your last chance to repentfully and surrender to God through Christ Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins to avoid regret at last.

Unegbu wrote from Onitsha.