I Died Twice But God Revived Me – Orluwosu


Sunday, the 4th of July 2010, would ever remain one memorable day in the life and family of Sir (Chief) Joseph Orluwosu. On this day, he played host to his Lordship, Most Archbishop Ignatius Kattey (JP), in a spectacular way.

The Lordship was on a special visit to St. Marks Anglican Communion, Rumuolumeni, in Obio/Apor Local Government Area to commission and dedicate a Belfry, a special structure which serves as Baptistery font and Belling for the Church. After the dedication ceremony, the man of God learnt that the man who solely built and donated the structure, Sir, Chief, Engineer Joseph Orluwosu had been seriously sick for the past three years and so decided to visit him in his family home also at Rumuolumeni.

His lordship, on getting to the home, laid hand on the host, prayed and blessed him for his immense contribution and sacrifice to the house of God. “May the mercy of Almighty God be upon you and your family”, prayed the Archbishop.

In the words of Sir Orluwosu (the host), “since the visit of our lord Archbishop, my health condition has received tremendous change. Obviously, I feel the blessing of God upon me”.

Narrating his sordid experience to The Tide On Sunday, Sir Orluwosu, a pioneer Mechanical Engineer of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, who served for over 30 years at Haliburton Energy Company before retirement, disclosed that after considering numerous wonderful things God has done in his life, he arrived at a decision to make a little sacrifice at least that can stand as his legacy in the house of God.

“I decided to build a Belfrey in my church, St Marks Anglican Church, Rumuolumeni. I started the project in 2007 and by positive coincidence, I also took my knighthood same year”, he said.

“Behold barely had I commenced the project than I fell sick. At first, I thought it was a mere or ordinary sickness, but I was wrong”.

It became so serious that I was taken to all known hospitals including the UPTH and specialists in Port Harcourt but to no avail, he said.

“Medical investigation revealed that I was suffering from Cynopsis which I knew nothing about except when Prof. Otonti Nduka, former President-General of Ogbakor Ikwerre visited me and remarked that it was a popular sickeness in the western world. I bled full buckets of blood from my nostril at other occasions, it was more severe than that”.

On two occasions, I passed on, while my family members were weeping thinking it were all over with me, God would later bring me back to life”, he continued.

According to Sir Orluwosu, University College Hospital, Ibadan, was the health institution they said possesses Radiotherapy – a machine that could handle the ailment in Nigeria so, he was referred to Ibadan where he went into the machine for over 25 times in 25 days before the bleeding could be brought under control.

He disclosed to The Tide on Sunday that while he was passing through this trial moment, in his life, there were several temptations from even close friends which tended to make him loose grip with faith in the Lord, but he remained steadfast.

“I remembered while in the hospital, I would call on the engineer building the Belfrey to continue work, but each time, people would wonder why I could be giving attention to the structure at such my critical health condition”, he noted.

“Forget the building, concentrate on your health until you recover”, they would say, “but I insisted that the project must not stop believing strongly that I will get well by the grace of  Almighty God”, he maintained.

He further recollected several instances when people recommended going to the native doctors to seek solutions to his problem but his faith in God remained unshakeable.

Luckily, three years of horror and pains, he got back to his home and the project was equally completed to the glory of God.

“Imagine me receiving in my house such a high spiritual personality as his Lordship. Most Archbishop Kattey? I and my entire family can’t forget that day, knowing fully well that he does not visit people like that irrespective of your position, wealth, education or whatever, I can feel the blessing of God all over me and I am healed”.

Having come through such experience, Sir Orluwosu has this piece of advice to give to children of God.

“In every temptation, tribulation, sufferings and worrisomeness, no matter how critical you may find yourself, chirstians should not waiver in faith because the blessing of God must surely come”, he said adding that, “my case got to such a point that I died twice in my house in the course of the sickness. My case is a testimony to people”.

Satan can try to do what he can, but God challenges Satan. He did it to David, to children of Israel in Egypt during the reign of pharoah. He did it to Job. He did it to Ezekieh, where he even added 15 years to his life. Today what happened to Chief Orluwosu was also from the same Satan but God defended me. So it is for the children of God to learn. He will surely visit you in times of your trials.

Sir Orluwosu has one thing to ask of the Rivers State Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. “In view of my experience, I appeal to our Governor to please do everything humanely possible to procure a radiotherapy machine in the state, most appropriately at the Specialist Hospital under construction”.

He said with the presence of such machine, so much lives would be saved and so much pains could be reduced for persons who might find themselves through the sordid trial health situations, which he passed through.

Orluwosu belongs to the greed of persons who believe that you can render services to the people of God at any level in life, but what matters is that in whatever service, you must do it the way of God. “I am a traditional ruler as a chief of my people, but you see, I don’t libate neither do I worship gods but the Almighty God and Him alone”, noted.


Chris Oluoh