Why Medical Doctors Should Not Run Hospitals – Dr. Mbata


The stage is now set

            for another round of debate, especially in the health sector of the economy, following proposals from some quarters that professional administrators should now handle the affairs of health institutions in the country.

Proponents of the debate who are made up of Governors and other highly-placed personalities in the society are of the view that health personnel, including doctors and other level of health personnel should be left to their professional duties.

According to them, doctors should attend to patients rather than carrying files from one office to the others.

They pointed out that the rot in the health sector of the country was as a result of the exclusion of administrators in the running of hospitals in the country.

The Rivers State chairman, Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, Dr. Chris Mbata is among those who believe that professional administrators should be given the responsibility of running the affairs of the various health institutions in the country.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Weekend Tide in Port Harcourt, Dr. Mbata said that medical doctors have no business working as administrators, stressing that professional administrators should handle everything about administration.

According to him, “medical doctors do not know administration. They are trained to cater for patients, they have no business being administrators,” he said.

On why he thinks that administrators should run health institutions in the country, Dr. Mbata argued that it was professionally wrong for health personnel to abandon their duties of attending to the sick to carry files, noting that Nigeria which is a member of the global community should begin to do things the right way as health personnel are confined to their duties in most countries of the world.

Dr. Mbata also stressed the need for the establishment of a Director of Medical Laboratory in the Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital (BMSH) and the Hospital Management Board.

He said that the value of medical laboratory scientists in the state would be better appreciated with the establishment of a directorate with a director incharge who will report directly to the commissioner.

The association’s chairman regretted that while other states such as Bauchi, Taraba and others had since established Directorates of medical laboratory science in their health ministries, Rivers State has refused to establish its own.

He said that through the efforts of the association, a number of Rivers people have now recognised the importance of diagnosis before going for medical treatment.

Dr. Mbata lamented the problems facing the association in the state which include lack of vehicles and a secretariat.

The association, according to him, needs a vehicle to check the activities of quacks who parade as medical laboratory scientists in the sate.

He noted that the activities of quacks are being tackled headlong by the association, stressing that a number of fake laboratories have been closed down.

“We need to have a vehicle to move round and find out where this guys are hiding and exposed them,” he said.

He commended the Rivers state Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi for its giant strides in the health sector, but stressed the need for the employment of more medical personnel, especially medical laboratory scientists to man the various health centres being built across the state.

The association chairman also stressed the need for the upgrading of the Department of Medical laboratory in the Rivers State University of Science and Technology to a faculty.

A medical doctor who spoke under condition of anonymity, however disagreed with the association on the issue, but added that every Nigerian has a right to express his opinion on any issue.