Tevit: Home For African Dishes


Tevit Homes is a place with serene cosy environment created to meet man’s greatest need, Peace, with chefs that make every eating an occasion”, were the exact words of Ngozi Uwajimgba,  the homes’administration/marketing executive.  According to her the choice to call it ‘Home’ is intentional because the concept is to give its guests a homely treat so that every stay in Tevit Homes gives its guest an even better comfort than in one’s personal home adding “Tevit Homes is indeed a home away from home”.

The guests’ comfort is indeed of top-most priority to Tevit Homes and that is why it is created to meet man’s greatest need, peace.  So may be you are in  dare need of an escape from the bustle of the city, a windy  few minutes drive to the Old     GRA area of the Garden City of Port Harcourt will take you to the consummately natural settings of Tevit Homes, at 31 Forces Avenue near Port Harcourt main club.

It is a small but luxurious and congenial boutique home, exquisitely designed to offer guests first class and homely accommodation.  It is fashioned after the need to create a serene environment, where all the paraphernalia of a guest’s personality is given the utmost attention and care.

The Homes’ administration boss said “because we are  small, we can take care of your personal culinary request be it continental or African dishes made to your order at anytime of the day.  Our food is always exquisite and our waiters are professional, ready to give our guests total attention that will make him or her feel like a king. And after eating you will feel celebrated because our chefs make eating an occasion.

May be you are in need of a more intimate dinning experience with a cosy setting then try Tevit Homes’ kitchen.  This cosy restaurant, aglow with its lightening serves both continentally, national and local dishes with native touches.

Tevit Homes also has in its conference hall popularly called peace hall which has state-of-kitten-the-art facilities to meet the individual and corporate needs of the guests.  The comfort and safety of  its guests are always guaranteed and this has endeared it to high networth individuals and corporate bodies.