Nutritional Value Of White Tea


In very one cup of v white tea with a total t weight of 240g contains c 60Kcal of Energy and r Carbohydrate and Sugar t l5g each.

The vitamins in the same amount includes Niacin 1 O.008mg, vita­min B6, 1.008mg, vitamin B 12 3mg, vitamin C 60mg and vitamin E 7.49mg, Drinking White tea has a lot of nutrition and health benefits.

Making white tea a steady drink protects the body from damage done by free radicals that wreck havoc on the body, cause harm to the DNA and accelerate aging be­cause of the antioxidants the tea contains.

Also antioxidants in white tea tones the en­tire immune sys tern and protects it against a va­riety of invaders and wide range of diseases.

Constant in-take of  white tea prevents the body from producing cancer causing cells and protect it from various types of cancer such as co Ion, prostate and stomach cancers.

It is also discovered that the tea thins the blood, improves the functions of arteries, lowers high blood pres­sure and maintains a healthy blood pressure.

It promotes strong and healthy blood vesles thus guarding it against the ravages of strokes.

The catechins content of white tea which is a group of antioxidants is known to reduce choles­terol; increases the good one and reduces bad one thus preventing harden­ing of the arteries and blockage of blood flow.

Those who drink two or more cups of white tea daily are 50 per cent less likely to have heart stroke as it protects the heart and the entire cir­culatory system.

Regular consumption of white tea increases the bone density and strength even as it is ben­eficial for people suffer­ing from arthritis and osteoporosis. It guards its drunker against com­mon cold and flu and helps in easing the symp­toms of HIV and helps in keeping the teeth strong and healthy due to other nutrients it con­tains.

The tea kills the bacte­ria and virus that cause plague, tooth decay and bad breath and it reduces blood sugar thus e preventing diabetic – symptoms, reduces d stress and increases en­ergy.

Made with minimal .e processing, the white tea 1t is the mightiest of all teas, making it the ultimate health tea. Culti­vated specifically in the Chinese province of Fujian, the tea is made from beautiful silver buds and selected buds of the tea plant which are then steamed and dried. When brewed, its leaves give a light, deli­cate and slightly sweet flavour that sharpens the senses.

It contains less caf­feine than green or black tea as well as coffee. White tea comes in four main varieties namely silver needle, white peony, long life eyebrow and tribute eyebrow.

Other varieties of white tea are Ceylon white (grown in Sri Lanka), Darjeeling white and

Assam white (Indian va­rieties) and African white.