Man Kidnaps Teenage Girl For Sex Slave


A-54-year old man from Southern California has resportedly kidnapped an 11-year-old girl for sex slave.

The man, according to our source, kidnapped the little girl from the street when she was playing with her play-mates.

The girl now 29, learnt, had already got two issues with her sex master before security operatives in that region rescued her.

Similarly in Austria, a 73-year-old man kept his 24-year-old daughter in a windowless house for sexual reasons.

Our source hinted that the man had fathered about seven children with his daughter.

We also gathered that she was drugged and handcuffed by her father before she was locked up in the dungeon in their main building.

We further learnt that the randy father started abusing his daughter sexually at the age of 11.

Small Talks was further informed that the “smart” father had earlier informed his wife that their daughter was kidnapped.