Cripple Quits Suspected Robbers


A crippled cannabis dealer in Ikwerre Local Government has quitted two of his patronisers from his house over armed robbery allegation.

    The hemp dealer, told Small Talks  that he wanted to maintain sanity in his house that is why he quitted the suspects from his house.

Our source revealed that the house is popularly known as “Government House,” and has over 200 “guests” every day due to its strategic location.

Small Talks learnt that the “hemp business” is the main source of livelihood for the cripple.

Our source also hinted that the dealer romances with some bigwigs in the community and some security agents who patronize him in a big way.

The armed robbery suspects as we learnt are making frantic moves to return to their bunk which also serves as a better hideout for them.

This publication gathered that other members of the “Government House” are kicking seriously against the planned come back of the suspects in order to save their joint (Indian hemp) bunk.