All The Virtuous Woman Stands To Gain


Marylyn graduated from one of the best business schools around with an excellent grade. Schooling for her was not an extremely pleasurable experience because of her very humble background. She fended for herself throughout her stay in school. Her final and successful completion of her academic pursuit was a commendable achievement. In line with the national requirement, she proceeded on the compulsory National Youth Service programme. This turned out to be a year of exploits for her young enquiring mind. Marylyn, during her service year enrolled in a part-time school of secretarial studies to keep her busy outside the routine work hours.

She never imagined that getting employed after the service year would be a dilemma. But to her surprise, she returned from the service year and began what looked like an endless search for a job. She had been involved in several interviews that proved abortive; but she was not in anyway deterred in her resolve to get a befitting job. And she remained her cheerful, loving and caring self, even in the face of joblessness.

At last, she received an invitation for a job interview from a multinational company. Although, plagued with a sense of defeat from her previous interview experiences, she braced up and approached the new offer with enthusiasm. Her performance at the interview was tremendously outstanding. She was simply the best and was unanimously pronounced fit for employment by the interview panel.

Marylyn gladly received her letter of appointment and was ready to start work immediately. She was offered a very attractive welfare package, opportunities for further training abroad, based on the employer’s rating of her performance, free health care services, among other benefits and allowances. The scope of Marylyn’s duty was clearly spelt out and these to her were very familiar grounds.

Marylyn was the best any could imagine. A very punctual, efficient, courteous and enterprising staff, her job output was excellent. Everyone she worked with, directly and indirectly, had something great to say about the smiling, respectful and caring Marylyn, including the directors. Within a very short time she had won so many hearts because of the love that radiated through her. Anyone could go to her for assistance because she never had a reason not to be of help. She soon became the toast of many.

Unknown to Marylyn, Mrs. Jocelyn, one of her immediate senior officers had developed some resentments towards her. She was envious of her outstanding work output and the great impression she seemed to leave on the minds of all that worked with her including top management staff. Mrs. Jocelyn repeatedly sought for avenues to pull Marylyn down, but the harder she tried, the more Marylyn thrived.

It was two days to the next Annual Board Meeting of the company. A lot of work had gone into preparing reports on the company’s activities and accounts e.t.c.

Marylyn had carefully collated the final financial reports and made them ready for the meeting. In her characteristic manner, she left no stone unturned. At the eve of the meeting, all documents were ready, neatly arranged in files that she properly labelled and moved to the board room. Mrs. Jocelyn watched angrily as Marylyn put finishing touches to the job. “This is my opportunity to put a hole in her wheel of progress before she overtakes me, she said to herself.

Towards the close of work, Mrs. Jocelyn cleverly found her way to the board room. She picked out some files that were very pertinent to the board meeting, tucked them into her bag and sneaked out of the room. Marylyn was approaching the corridor when she caught a glimpse of Mrs. Jocelyn carrying the bag. She offered to help her carry the bag but Mrs. Jocelyn refused. While descending the stairs, Mrs. Jocelyn missed a step, fell down the stairs and sprained her right ankle. The content of her bag flew down the stairs ahead of her. She tried to get up and reach for the bag but the excruciating pain from her sprained ankle restrained her. Marylyn heard the sound that accompanied Mrs. Jocelyn’s fall and came round to help her get up. While doing that, Marylyn’s attention was drawn to the familiar label on one of the files littering the floor. She reached out for one of them, picked it up and realised that they were the files prepared for the Board of Directors meeting scheduled for the following day.

Marylyn retrieved all the files (wondering how they got there) and went ahead to take groaning Mrs. Jocelyn to the hospital. On the way to the hospital Mrs. Jocelyn’s guilt and grief laden heart was pounding with fear. She got no relief until she began to expose her mission to the board room. She spoke uncontrollably of the hatred she had so long harboured against Marylyn and that her intention for stealing the files was to discredit her. Thereafter she apologised profusely.

Culled from Christian Women Mirror.