‘How I Was Lured Into Drug Trafficking’


Egade Lucky. 19, is from Agbor in Delta State. He left the shores of Nigeria in 2007 to Europe to seek for a greener pasture. But unfortunately for him, things were not as rosy as he was made to believe.

He stayed in Europe for months without Job and he could not find any meaningful thing to do. Survival became difficult, he joined other blacks in Italy to work in a farm just to survive and keep body and soul alive.

As a labourer in the farm, he earned little to pay his bills and survive. While working in the farm, he met a follow Nigerian, Mr. Collins. Both became friends and did things in common. They became so close and they were able to understand each other’s problems.

But unknown to him, Collins was only trying to know what he needed and capitatise on it and play a very fast one on him.

Lucky, who was arrested on Thursday, 10th June, 2010 by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), for attempting to traffic hard drug – cocaine, weighing 962 grammes to Europe at the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa, said after many years of sojourn in Europe, he was eager to visit his home country and town.

Speaking to The Tide On Sunday, Mr. Lucky recalled that his friend, Collins read his mind and cash on it to lure him into carrying cocaine from Nigeria to Italy.

His friend, Collins he said broke the news to him that he was traveling to Nigeria for an Uncle’s wedding. When he said this, I now replied that I would have loved to travel to Nigeria too, but, I cannot afford a flight fair. It was then he promised to pay my flight ticket and that we leave on 25th of May and attend the wedding on 28th May.

On 24th May, Collins now came with my ticket and gave it to me and that we should leave the following day.

Reaching on 25th May, Collins came back to me that he had an important thing to do in Italy and that he cannot afford to pay “no show” for not flying, how Lucky should proceed, and that he will meet him up in Nigeria.

Mr. Lucky also explained that Collin gave him his Uncle’s number whom he called as soon as he arrived Mutalar Muhammed Airport, Omagwa.

According to him, “Collin’s Uncle, came and pick him at the airport and lodged him in a hotel in Lagos where I stayed for two weeks.

While at the Hotel, “I can no longer reach Collins on phone. His numbers were off. “His Uncle tricked me and collected my passport and traveling documents pretending to help me from criminals”.

“My Uncle, whom I call “Bros” asked me to give him my traveling documents so that criminals do not smatch them from me”. With that pear, I quietly handed over all my documents to him”.

My Lucky said, he later found out that, Collins Uncle tricked him and collected is travelling docuemtns when his uncle made it known that Collin was no longer coming to Nigeria.

“After many attempts, I could not reach Collins on phone; I told his uncle that I need my document book so that I can find my way back to Europe.

Lucky, recalled that his document became a tool to boxed him to accepting to carry cocaine to Europe. “I was given a condition to swallow some wrapped substances and my travel documents would be given back with a fresh ticket.

“For two days, I ate no food, no money; I accepted their conditions but warned that I shall reveal to the police that I swallowed some substances.

Bros, brought the substances wrapped in small balls with some soup, and asked them to swallow it; which I did. At a point, I started vomiting and Bros ran out of the hotel, but came back later.

He explained further that at that point, his traveling documents, passport and a fresh plight ticket was give to him.

According to him the flight to board was from Port Harcourt to Italy, “so I had to take a local flight to Port Harcourt from Lagos.”

“When I arrived on a local flight to Port Harcourt, I was hungry, despite the fact that I was worried not to cut, I had to eat and prepare for customs and immigration clearance. On getting to the NDLEA, My Passport was seized and I was taken into their office where they interrogated me and asked me to tell them the truth about what I swallowed. I admitted that I swallowed something but do not know what it contained. I was detained and was given some Juice which made me to start excreting the substances.

Earlier, the Commender NDLEA, Mr. Julius Bawa Parah said the agency is vested with the responsibility of fighting drug abuse and trafficking.

Mr. Parah said the agency is also to ensure that harmful drugs do not come in or go out of the country.

According to him, in course of performing our duties, on 20th of June, 2010, during the outward clearance of Air France Flight AF3051 to Pairs, Egede Lucky, male, 19, was intercepted by NDLEA officers at the Port Harcourt International Airport at about 20.05 hours.

He said the suspect with Nigerian International passport number A3310317A had an Italian residence permit number ITA98988AZ and had traveled down to Nigeria on the 25th of last month from Italy where he lives.

The NDLEA boss said Mr. Lucky was arrested on his way back to Italy when the eagle eyes of the Narcolic officers fished him out having sported him as a drug courier.

The anti-drug boss further said the suspect claimed he does not know the exact quantity of wraps he swallowed. However, excreted a total of 71 wraps of the deadly substances weighing 962 grammes which tested positive of cocaine.

He said it was unfortunate that a young youth of 19 years with the name “Lucky” was involved in the crime of drug trafficking knowing its dare consequences.

He further said that investigations has commenced to track down other syndicates who are behind Mr. Lucky.

Parah warned that NDLEA are on red alert and assured that the agency will maintain its zero tolerance on drug trafficking at the Port Harcourt Airport.

I want to use this opportunity to inform members of the public on the dangers and implications of involvement in hard drugs. “Had drugs kill, they are harmful. They destroy, they are needless and are not helpful. They and deceitful in socio-economic status,” he said.

He said the NDLEA at the national level and at the Port Harcourt International Airport, shall remain focused, determined and will do everything possible to stamp out the ills of drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

He implored all stakeholders to identify with the agency in the onerous task, expressing appreciations for the support and encouragement from functionaries and agencies.

“We must thank the federal government for the foresight in establishing and sustaining the NDLEA. The Rivers Sate Government under the present administration and other sister security agencies for maintaining a sound working relationship.