ATCON, ALTON Endorse Taxation, Environment Confab


The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) and the Association of Licensed Telecom Operators of Nigeria (ALTON) have endorsed the on coming conference on taxation and cleaner environment billed to hold in July 30, this year.

The conference would be coordinated by three media organisations in the information and communication technology sector which are the African Independent Television (AIT), Tribe Media, owners of Tribe Times and e world magazine as well as Know How Media, publishers of IT Edge News. Com.

Endorsing the conference, president of ATCON, Engineer Titi Omo-Ettu described the issues of taxation and clean environment of the conference as real and timely, adding that the association would partner with the conference coordinators to ensure that relevant key players in the issues are slated out for discussion.

Omo-Ettu noted that the pursuit of greener and healthier environment remain a topical issue in the global arena, adding that no effort was too much to ensuring that the right awareness was created with effective and efficient policies articulated to achieve the adjective.

In his words “In Nigeria, the growth of ICT and its infrastructure are beginning to pose a challenge to the environment as it relates to safety, health and economic growth. This is evident in the indiscriminate deployment of telecom masts and antennas, local and foreign manufactured coupled with the indiscriminate disposal of non-environmentally friendly computers and other ICT applications”.

The ATCON boss revealed that the underlying call for the conference was that ICT applications, power and transportation were some of the three main areas which contribute to the bulk of environmental emissions.

He assured that efforts would be made to involve the chairman of the Joint Tax Board and other key personnels to ensure that the issues slated for discussions were given the required attention and policy consideration.

On his part, the secretary, Association of Licensed Telecom Operators of Nigeria (ALCON) Ajibola Olude who revealed the theme of the conference as ‘ICT and the Nigerian Environment 2010: Appropriate Taxation and promotion of Healthy Environmentally Friendly Technologies commended the initiative and the extent to which the three team had moved the idea.

Olude noted that Nigeria had over the years become a dumping ground for most ICT tools and products regretting that government’s efforts to control these activities so as to ensure a cleaner and healthier environment have been minimal and largely uncoordinated.

He said, however, that “in the global arena, various agencies and governments are taking concerted efforts aimed at nipping the situation in the bud and ensuring that structures and policies are put in place to address the issues of greener and friendlier environment and this conference will help “salvage the situation.”