Senator’s Daughter, Married Man Caught In Bed


The daughter of a Senator of Past republic has been caught in bed with the husband of her very close friend.

Small Talks gathered that the babe in question is very pretty and have been linked with many men in the past, and she is the only daughter of her family.

Our checks revealed that she had not only dragged the name of the family to the mud but has severally disgraced her father due to her uncontrollable sexual life, chain smooking and drinking.

Only few weeks ago, she was caught in the bed with her best friend’s husband who is equally her lover.

It was gathered that the unsuspecting wife had made initial plans to travel and called up her friend (the Senator’s daughter), informing her of her trip.

Though aware of her friend’s sex-capades with her husband, but turned deaf ears in order to keep both her marriage and maintain her relationship with her friend.

On that fateful day, her flight was delayed. On reaching home, she made straight to her bed room only to discover her husband and friend in a hot sex game under the sheets.

On sighting his wife in the bedroom as Small talks was told, the man quickly went for his boxers, but the Senator’s daughter was remorseless sluggishly got hold of her clothes from the floor and was busy calling the man “Honey” in the presence of his wife.

Small Talks further gathered that the man’s pleas felled on deaf ears as she has since relocated to one of the cities in the Niger Delta.