Medicinal Value Of Pawpaw


Papaya is reddish yellow fruit, grown all over the world, mostly in the regions of hot climate and lots of rain. The tree is of medium height. Its trunk is straight without any branches and it has an umbrella type of growth at the top.

According to Hakeem Hashmi, papaya is an every-part-has-medicinal-value plant. Papaya is an appetizer, antiphlegmatic, digestive, carminative, diuretic, ant flatulent, vermifuge, pyreutic and a general tonic. Papita is a rich in ‘Papain” – a digestive enzyme which is very useful as medicine. All other parts of papaya tree & fruit also have “papain”.

Hakeem Hashmi, a well-respected physicians given very useful medicinal uses of papaya in home remedies.

Indigestion & stomach problems:-

Taking fresh ripe papaya in breakfast cures indigestion, flatulence, acidity and increase appetite.

Powdered dry leaves of papaya soaked in water overnight and taken in the morning is also useful in the morning is also useful in curing all types of stomach ailments.


Consuming boiled raw papaya, cures chronic diarrhea.

Freckles and other skin blemishes:-

Applying mashed ripe papaya pulp on the affected parts half an hour before bath eliminates freckles and other blemishes of skin and imparts natural glow and luster.

Applying fresh juice of raw papaya is also useful in pimples.

Menstrual problems:-

Eating ripe papaya everyday regulates menses.

Taking powered seeds of papaya with water is also useful.

Liver & spleen:-

Eating raw papaya as a salad with meal controls enlargement of liver and spleen of children.

Pickle of raw papaya is also helpful in curing the ailments of liver.

Taking half teaspoon of dried & powered seeds of papaya with water & little salt twice a day is also useful in curing liver ailments.


Taking 10 to 12 drops of raw papaya juice with a spongy sugar candy (Batasha) for 10 to 15 days help in curing jaundice.

Eating ripe papaya daily also helps in curing jaundice.


Drinking boiled water of papaya leaves, cures fever.


Taking half-teaspoon of ground seeds of papaya with water for 3 to 4 days helps eliminates stomach worms.

Urinary problems:-

Taking ripe papaya regularly cures urinary problems.

High blood pressure:-

Eating ripe papaya half an hour before breakfast checks high blood pressure.


Taking ripe papita in the afternoon helps in curing piles. Eczema, ringworm itching: -applying fresh juice of raw papita on the affected parts cures skin ailments like eczema, itching & ringworm.

Breast Milk:-

Eating ripe papita daily helps in improving lactation in breast feeding mother.

Eating raw papaya as a salad with meals helps to increase breast milk. And papita is available year round, so consuming it regularly helps to maintain a healthy life.