Encomium Trails Lawmaker’s Light Project In PH


The  successful execution of electricity project by Hon. Chinyere Igwe, representing Port Harcourt Constituency II in the House of Representatives has excited benefiting members of the constituency.

Our correspondent, who visited sites of the project last Friday, reports that members of the communities considered the choice of electricity as lawmaker’s constituency project at the present period emphasis in Nigeria was shifting to power improvement, as a mark of wisdom.

The lawmaker installed solar-powered light in the streets of Gambia, Obidianso, Timber, Akokwa, Egede and Ogbudu, amongst others. He also installed sets of transformers to boost electricity supply in the area.

One of the respondents, Alhaji Halliru Iman, secretary general of the Northern Community, who resides in Gambia Street in Mile II, Diobu, Port Harcourt,  said, “I felt happy when I saw the light because years back, the street used to be very dark and area boys took advantage of this to worry residents. But today, the story is different because the street is properly lighted and no more a hideout for criminals.”

Alhaji Imam commended the lawmaker, saying he has proved himself as a leader and one who has the interest of those he represents at heart.

Speaking in a similar tone, Chief Godspower Kokoriko, who lives in one of the benefiting streets, said “It is very wonderful because during creation, God said ‘let there was light’. Hon. Igwe has promised light and succeeded in providing light to those who voted him in.”

“He has proved himself a worthy representative.  If honour should be given to who it is due, then Hon. Igwe deserves honour for not disregarding the interest of his people. I give him kudos,” he said.

Chief Kokoriko, a popular sports analyst, said criminal activities were high in his street because of darkness which had attracted the bad boys adding that the ugly situation was scaring people from the street but expressed joy that today, the light has come and the criminals who were agents of darkness, have disappeared.

Mr. Ibe Nwankwo, a resident of Obidianso Street, noted that the successful execcution of Igwe’s constituency project at a period in the nation when most Nigerians were expressing disappointment over the questionable attitude of those they voted to represent them but who rather turned to defraud them by holding back constituency funds meant for their constituencies was a thing of joy.


Chris Oluoh