Principles Of Finding Pure Joy


Having a heart of gratitude is one important way of getting pure joy. When you are feeling very low, write down what you think you should be grateful for in life. When you do this you will be reminded that things are not in reality so bad as they seem.

Everyone craves for a radiant inner glow and sense of calm that come with true happiness. But this true happiness or pure joy, it must be noted, is not just a function of trying the tips that we will be looking at here. In other words, achieving pure joy, aside the principles that we will be looking at, is allowing God to have a central place in your life. Not building your whole life on material things but making God your refuge and strong tower.

Now back to our subject, one of the principles that can enable one have pure joy is having a good laugh. According to research, humour activates parts of the brain that are linked to pleasure and happiness. So a friend or whoever that always have a joke could be more valuable than just the giggle you get when he or she is into her stock-in-trade. So being in his company especially when you are down at your lowest ebb will do you a world of good.

A second principle is taking challenge. Research has revealed that confronting a challenge, not avoiding it, is  a powerful self-esteem booster especially if it is something you are good at. So try standing up to that thing that seems tough to you each day for the next two weeks and see your bliss quotient spikes.

The third is minding your manners. When you are tempted to bust out in anger or the phrase, “you know what your problems is” is about to come from your lips to somebody that just provoked you; just take a deep breath to the count of five before you act. When you act on negative impulses, you risk the regret and frustration that can linger after the outburst. But a calm and loving reply brings that joy of knowing you took the path of honour.

Putting on smile is the fourth principles. Focusing on those things that bring down your morale can never give one any happiness. Therefore beat the blues by flashing a smile and putting some spring in your step and as you do this your mood will follow suit.

Being sentimental is another thing that can cause joy to spring up in your life. Having something around you to remind you what is most important in life. It may be the shot of you during an important occasion or that of your son or whatever. Photographs such as these remind one of good old times and can do the magic of making a difficult day suddenly bearable.

Research has shown that singing can balance blood pressure, heart  rate, breathing and brain activity. So find an upbeat song and sing loud when you are alone, driving in your car or simply in the shower. Studies have also revealed that having a 30-minute workout can reduce tension and boost your mood aside the calories that it burns out. So grabbing a jumb rope, and hit the side-walk with some friends or even alone will do magic to your mood.

Having a heart of gratitude is one important way of getting pure joy. When you are feeling very low, write down what you think you should be grateful for in life. When you do this you will be reminded that things are not in reality so bad as they seem.

Also, try reaching out to others. When you are feeling down, touching a loved one and being touched have been shown to help relieve depression and anxiety. So hold your man’s hand, give your mother a hug or pat you colleague on the back for a job well done. You will in return benefit too because the scripture says, “he that watereth, shall be watered”.

Ask yourself out on a date. Don’t wait around for someone else to sweep you off your feet all the time. Do it yourself by may be asking someone out or giving yourself special treat at an upscale restaurant.

Try also to give back to society. Research have shown that people, who volunteer in their communities have better health and feel good about themselves. So make an impact in your own backyard by helping the helpless around you or donating your time and resources to a charity organization in your neighbourhood.

Endeavour to nature friendships. Understandably, with busy schedules, it is difficult, sometimes, to make out time for friends. But try and pick up the phone and make a brunch date or plan a dinner party or go for a walk with a friend. The reason is because those with well developed friendships not only live longer but also have an increased resistance to illness – a clear joy sapper according to study. Making time to have a chat over coffee with your faviourite friends will keep connections strong and allow you time to vent frustration without holding back too.

Studies have shown that the presence of flowers can heighten feelings of satisfaction with life. So if no one is sending you flowers, buy yourself a bouquet. And choose uplifting colours like yellow or your favourite one to brighten your day. Have a swell week.