Man Rejects Step-Mother As Wife


A middle aged man has rejected to have his step-mother as his second wife.

The young man from Ikwerre according to Small Talks investigation; refused to many his step-mother as wife on the ground that she is an old woman.

According to the story, the Youngman explained that he can not accept to many sound one he can not sleep with.

Though he has accepted to attend to her needs as part of the directives by his kinsmen, but can bring in as wife.

Small Talks gathered that in that Ikwere community, it is part their tradition to share a late man’s wives among his crown up sons.

We further learnt that the tradition is so strong that the woman’s property is given to the man upon her death.

Part of the man’s annoyance as he learnt , was that his young brother was shared to his step-brother.

According to the man, “no one wants to sow where he will not real” especially I the area of sleeping together which he said was the in thing.

Small Talks learnt that the man has wormed his step-brother to avoid his mother, threating to break his legs any time he steps into his house looking for his mother.