That: Ambassador for Peace Award


“Check these witches’ words against the word of God” he says. “If their messages are different then, it is because I have not sent them, for they have no light or truth in them” (Isa. 8:20, TLB). The word of God is the measuring standard to determine whether what one professes, practice and preach is truth or not. In an earlier series entitled: “Christians beware of Ambassador for Peace Award” I warned against receiving or partaking in Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s ambassador of peace award. In that his vision claims, sources of authority and teachings are false and contrary to the Bible, God’s word. Recently, I am made Delta State Co-ordinator of United Nations-POLAC Peace Programme (UN-PPP) that gives out ambassador for peace award among others to deserving persons who have promoted “global peace, integration, social harmony, cross cultural understanding, sustainable development and collective prosperity, irrespective of religion, race, creed, status, ethnicity, affiliation, colour or cultural/language differences “(His Excellency, Prof. Chide Ehiriodo, JP).

I have been asked what then the difference is. The Bible says. “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world” (11n. 4: 1). “Do not quench the spirit. Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil” (1 Thess; 5: 19-22). “Then you shall again discern between the righteous and the wicked. Between one who serves God and one who does not serve Him” (Mal. 3:18). What is United Nations POLAC Peace Programme? United Nations Ambassador for Peace Award is in compliance with the United Nations general assembly declaration of year 2001 – 2010 as the international decade for peace and non-violence. POLAC means positive livelihood award centre. Its headquarters is in Paris, France. Adaptation of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme established in 1956. POLAC was formed in Nigeria in 200 I. POLAC is an NGO (Non Governmental Organization). POLAC is not a government organization. POLAC is an intergovernmental organization working with government in implementing UN MDGs and promoting UNESCO Culture for peace programme. POLAC is a scheme, project and programme for participation, development and peace. POLAC is governed by a board of trustees. The trustees are responsible for the custodianship of the declaration, policies and principles as set out in the constitution.

The senate of POLAC comprises five members and is headed by the President. It is the legislative arm of POLAC which advice the board of trustees on programmes, policies and fund raising/budget. National Advisory Council, the authorities of all states are members of the National Advisory Council of POLAC on full payment of accreditation as spelt out by the board of trustees. State Advisory Committee­comprises members from all states and are made up of ten members from relevant departments including the State Coordinator as Secretary of the Committee. His Excellency Professor Charles Shallyman is the International President. His Excellency, Obong Halo B. Eton is the Regional Director for Africa while His Excellency, Bishop Professor Chidi Ehiriodo, JP is the Country Director (Nigeria). Whereas Pastor Emmanuel kweke serves as National Outreach Officer in Nigeria, I serve as Delta State Coordinator. In compliance to United Nations general assembly declaration, United Nations POLAC Peace Programme appoints and invests new Untied Nations Ambassador for Peace every year.

Since the declaration of 2001 – 2010 by the United Nations general assembly as the international decade for peace and non-violence, its official agency – the United Nations POLAC Peace Programme (UN-PPP) has been consistent in identifying and honouring outstanding personalities whose services1 or activities have helped in promoting global peace, sustainable development and collective prosperity. This step has encouraged more individuals, organisations and government agencies to act more wisely and humanly in their relationship with the society.

The golden message that UN-PPP keeps emphasising is that violence is no longer fashionable no matter the clime as it is retrogressive to development.