Why Tonto Dike, Halima Abubakar Clash


Before now, it has been observed that Rivers State born sultry actress, Tonto Dike and vivacious Halima Abubakar were best of friends and they were very close. It was gathered that before Halima and Tonto became close friends, Halima was very close to another top actress, Mercy Johnson, but when the friendship crashed, she moved on to Tonto.

According to our source, both actresses were so fond of each other that Halima was practically living in Tonto’s house and when Tonto bought a new car, she gave the old one to Halima. At a point, there were rumours that they were engaged in lesbianism which they vehemently denied; but now the great fondness they had for each other has gone sour.

From a reliable source, it was gathered that the crack in their relationship had to do with a Lagos Island big boy who runs a hospitality outfit. From what we gathered, the big boy had been in serious relationship with Tonto for sometime now but unknown to him, Tonto was allegedly having a fling with another big boy, it was learnt that when the Island big boy got the news, he wanted to get the true story from Halima who kept sealed lips but when he later confronted Tonto with the allegation, she naturally thought Halima was the one who spilled the bean and decided to give Halima a wide berth.

Although, both actresses have decided to handle the ensuring enemity maturely, Tonto is said to be telling people that it was Halima that broke her affair with the Island big boy.

It was further gathered that various attempts to reach the actresses to confirm the story making rounds in the entertainment industry proved abortive as both of them refused to pick their calls.