2011 Presidency: Nigerians Speak Out


Barrister Ransome West, secretary, Rivers State Local Government Service Commission

You know that there is no South South person that will say the present president of the country Dr. Jonathan should not contest next election. But I feel that, that should be something personal to him. It should be a decision he would have to take after kneeling down to seek the face of God because Nigeria is not just South South, although one is  agitated by the extent the Northerners agitated over this matter. But the constitution did not say there should be zoning or whatever. Every Nigerian has a right provided you are qualified to be elected, you have a right to be elected to that office.

Compare Rivers State to some other states, you discover that some others are still trying to lay a solid foundation for growth Mr. Emmanuel  Fubara, a civil servant. You can see that  Dr. Jonathan is trying. What we are after is development. So he is welcome to contest if he so wishes Promises Nsiegbe, politician Jonathan should contest, if he wants to, if he doesn’t want, so be it.

Chief Sunnie Chukumele, National Coordinator, Jonathan Success Movement. Goodluck came by God’s intervention to complete the mandate of Yar’Adua. So asking Jonathan to run or not to run, lets not be in a hurry to ask Jonathan to run.

You know that power comes from God and if  it pleases God, that the consensus of Nigerians is that Jonathan at the end has delivered and there is consensus that he should continue, so be it.

Chief Jasper Jumbo, activist.  This is the time for South South to shine in this country. That shows that this is time for development to come to our region. This is time for our people to prosper. With the full support of our people, Jonathan will rule this country for the next  eight or nine years.