Forest Dance Of Isiokpo People


Cultural dances  still remain a huge recreational activity in which the local communities come together and do things in common.

It is  very difficult to separate the Riversman from cultural activities of his people no matter how highly placed that individual may be in the society. Each given moment of his life, he  always want to show the  world who he is in terms of culture.

The Rivers man would do every thing within his reach to ensure that the cultural activities around him did not die in his own time. Some go as far as inviting friends and well wishers from abroad to witness the cultural performance of their people.

Friday, May 14, 2010 was one of the days that the entire chiefs of Esara Kingdom, donned with their traditional attires to dance to rythem of Forest cultural dance of Isiokpo in the honour of one its recently crowned chiefs, the Akaji aku I of Oro Esara Kingdom, Eze Elewa Franklyn Elewa.

The Forest cultural dance whose sounds and rythem was too tempting, pushed the Oro-Esara Council of Chiefs, including the Eze Esara himself, HRM Eze Dr Jobson .A. Utchay to the dancing ground almost unconsciously.

The cultural troop, is one of the floats from Ikwerre local government that have been adding colour to the Rivers State annual cultural display (CARNIRIV).

Exprssing joy, the Akaji aku I of Oro-Esara, has promise to support cultural activities around him. He said that he will bring some sophisticated instruments in order to boost the cultural activities of his people.

According to him, there was nothing wrong in one supporting or promoting the culture and tradition of his people.

The bad aspect of it he noted, should be eradicated inorder to make it more attractive.

He maintained that cultural dances and others still remain a huge recreational activity in which the local communities come together and do things in common.

The young Esara chief revealed that cultural activities in the state are now at a decline due to the abandonment of such activities by the rich class who felt that they have outgrown such stage. He explained that if all hands can be on deck, cultural activities alone can put food in the table of every Riversman.

He stressed that he will use his position as a chief not only to correct some wrongs in Esara Kingdom, but to bring a positive change to the entire kingdom especially in the areas of cultural activities.

Eze Elewa, noted that he will use his office as a chief, to enhance and encourage programmes that will bring upliftment to the people of Esara Kingdom.

He blamed those who have decided to promote other countries and states by abandoning the cultural heritage of their own soil and practicing cultures that are alien to the people . He regretted that most young people today do no longer know the cultural activities of their own people due to what he described as too much dependence on westernisation.

The Esara chief informed The Tide on Sunday, that though he is still young , but his age will not prevent him from upholding the culture and tradition of the Esara people, which according to him, is unique among the cultural activities in the East of the Niger.

He further told this medium that his selection as a chief and his subsequent crowing as the Akaji Akwu I of Esara was not lobbed for, but a well merited favour his support and contribution to the development and growth of Esara kingdom brought to him.

The Eze pointed that it could have been a king of foul play should his name were not norminated as those to be crowned chief in Esara kingdom due to his level of commitment in the area.

One of those who spoke at the Epoch making event, was the chairman of Esara kingdom council of chiefs/paramount ruler of Ekoozu, HRH Iweh J. Woko, he told the new Esara chief not to be hostile saying that it is against the culture and tradition of the people.

The Eze Ozu II, noted that the culture and tradition of a people do not necessarily mean dancing and other physical activities, but a total way of behaviour of a particular people.

Eze Woko maintained that it is against the culture of Esara people to involve themselves in evil doings especially the chiefs who he said are the custodians of the people.

He argued that it is not also expected of him (Eze Elewa) to take bribes or pervert justice, but should be upright in all his doings as a chief even as he plans to promote the cultural heritage of the Esara Kingdom.

Describing Chief Elewa as burden bearer and a servant, he advised him to shun youthful exuberant, and have listening ears in order to enable him uphold the cultural heritage of the people as he plans.

One of Chief Elewa’s children, Prince Joel Elewa Frank, who was full of joy and praises for his father, pointed out that he would be a part of all his father’s projects in order to make him succeed as the Akaji Aku I of Esara Kingdom.

Prince Elewa Frankly, explained that his father’s throne may not go through unless the children and wife (now Achachaa Franklyn Elewa) are of a good support to him.

Earlier, he has lauded the Esara Kingdom for the honour done his father, as he also praised his father’s plans to promote the cultural heritage of the Esara Kingdom.