Firm Launches New Colour Code System


A Nigerian firm, 21st Century  Technologies in partnership with a Japan-based technology company has introduced into the Nigerian market a revolutionary new Colour Code Technology System. The new technology is capable of converting significantly large size of digital data including texts, images, sounds and animations into an eight coloured matrix code.

Speaking at the Colour Code exhibition held at the Computer Technology and Office (CTO) equipment exhibition centre, organised by the commercial service of the US embassy in Nigeria, the Chief Executive Officer, 21st Century Technologies Limited, Mr. Wale Ajisebutu said with the new colour code, encoded materials could be decoded from the colour patterns of the code through devices as a conventional scanner, web camera, mobile phone or digital camera.

While noting that the innovation was a way ahead of the current bar code system common in the market, Ajisebutu said the colour code was also capable of being applied on paper through a four-colour processed printing machine or an inkjet printer, adding that it provides a unique advantage in jobs that are sensitive with its special application in identification matters.

He said “the Colour C Code, as it is often referred to is capable of embedding a unique ID inside the code which cannot be decoded by the official decoder as it allows only a specific personnel or authorised members to read the code. Ajisebutu also stated that as part of its security advantages over existing code systems, the new technology can have a password set inside the code that would give it a special function for a specific use of an organisation or group.

Given its advancement over existing operations and being a 3D Code, the Colour C code  can easily be useful in designs like voice embedded greeting cards and determining salient information of origin, manufacturers, manufacturing environment, prescriptions and other details for foods and medicines.

The CEO of 21st Century Technologies who expressed delight over the partnership with Colour Code Technology said “the innovation would serve as a big advantage for businesses and state institutions in Nigeria which have been contending with issues of identity management and security of documents and individuals, among other things”.