Echoes Of Biafran War … as Achebe gives account


It is about forty years ago that the Nigerian Civil War, popularly known as the Biafran war ended. But the tragic  event that claimed the lives of over two million people still stands out in the memories of many Nigerians. One of those Nigerians is Professor Chinua Achebe, a literary icon and author of the famous Things Fall Apart, who has decided to provide an eye witness account of the three-year civil war in a literary form.

Achebe can not be more qualified to render an account of such gory event. As a man who was in the service of the Biafran government when the war broke out, he has all it takes-both memoirs and the literary skills to give a detailed account of the war.

Already, the literary world is abuzz with the news that the reverred writer is working on the historical chronology of the civil war.

The much expected opus – Reflections on the Nigerian Civil War, 1967-1970, coming on the fortieth anniversary of the Biafran war and  the fiftieth anniversary of the Nigeria’s independence is expected to reflect on events that led to the war and events that took place during and immediately after the war.

The over 300 page book, which has four parts, according to a reliable source, will also serve as an autobiography of the great writer, especially given his life experiences in the mileu of the civil war tragedy.

The historical work also dedicates a chapter to Achebe’s close friend and one of Africa’s greatest poets, Christopher Okigbo who was killed during the Biafran war.


Boye Salau