Twelve Wonderful Uses For Guava


Guava is rich of vitamin C, carotenoids, potassium, calcium and iron. Vitamin C in guava is five times more than that of an orange. Here are some wonderful uses for guava.

1. The roots, leaves, bark and  immature fruits are used for gastroenteritis as they are as­tringents.

2. The fiber content in guava controls blood pressure and cholesterol. As a result it is very beneficial for heart.

3. Vitamin C in guava fruit regulates heart beat and fights with free radicals. The potassium content and fiber in guava helps kidney in elimi­nating wastes.

4. Lycopene in guava reduces the risk of cancer.

5. Guava controls diabetes and it is good for constipation. 6. Apply the crushed leaves on wounds and aching places to get relief from pain.

7. Chew the leaves of guava after washing thoroughly to get relief from toothache.

8. The decoction of leaves of guava is a good remedy for cough and throat pain.

9. Gargling with the decoction of guava leaves relieves from swollen gums and oral ulcers.

10. The decoction is also ben­eficial for skin diseases and it is very useful in stopping the puking sensation.

11. In traditional medicine, the extraction of leaves is used to cure epilepsy and cholera. Convulsions in children can be treated by rubbing the stain on their spines:

12. In some tribes, the decoction of leaves and bark is used to expel the placenta after childbirth.

Culled from HealthMad.