Problem, A Driving Force


Problems, suffering and hardships are unavoidable but they are destiny-propelling forces which bring about a fulfilled life.

One needs to be sensitive and amenable to them in order not to us words that may offend God, so that the purpose of God for ones life may manifest just like greatness and David who Saul’s hatred brought about his being anointed as King. The plot of Hamman against Modicaih gave Modicaih victory; to Job, his downfall as planned by the devil promoted him with double portion. These favours are also available to you because God had ordered all things to work for your good because you love him. The fact that God knew you before you were born is a sufficient confidence to press on irrespective of the hard and tough time. He knows you, the thoughts that he has for you are thoughts of good and not of evil, his agenda is to give you an unexpected end. Beloved, that expected end is what matters and not what you are passing through in life because tough time does not last but tough people do last. Because your expectation is good and beneficial to humanity, it shall not be cut off. Patiently wait upon the Lord, your break through is at the next step of faith.

In the journey to greatness, situations that are difficult and unpleasant which may call for search for ungodly solutions are some time permitted for strengthening of ones faith in Christ and such processes bring about refining, transforming and repositioning of such individual towards greatness.

To some, such tests seem as impediments to their destinations but are actually life driving force into destiny. Some destiny driving forces may seem tough and hard, which are necessary to calcify the victim against the force of future failure since wide experience are gained. Tough and hard times may last for years depending on the magnitude of one’s destiny, for impartation of equivalent experiences.

Its worth to know that Life, Destiny and Suffering are inseparable triplets destiny places life to be enjoyed, yet problems makes destiny to manifest; while life lives to experience series of battles with destiny.

To every living being, there is a destination to reach in life; in every destination, there are several obstacles that tend to hinder the journey. Yet, to every obstacle there is a way out to victory. So, why are you crying for what is normal to life. Tough and hard times are life experiences placed to prepare you for upliftment, so, stop crying. Some destinies may not manifest until some experiences are gained in life through pleasant and unpleasant circumstances.

Unpleasant circumstances may not necessarily mean that God cannot answer prayer as a father or that God hates you and had abandoned you, rather, it’s a preparatory period for greatness and a divine refining period for destiny manifestations.

Nature may not grant any one that which they are not qualified to bear, but conditions are naturally stipulated for releasing of good things, and as such, no body can have result until a test is passed.

In our society today, many desire good things of life but are reluctant to certify the granting conditions.

Greatness is never automatic; it comes as a result of ones ability to be sensitve in selection, dedicated in direction, calculative in approach and sacrificial in giving to the demands of destiny driving force.

There is a secret to help you take advantage of your problems, especially; problems that had lasted for years without breakthrough; problems that you had exhausted all available means without solution, such problems are unavoidable. They are unavoidable because they are destiny related problems, they are problems that attack destiny manifestation but are reversed by God to act as propelling forces that should drive their victims to their destinations. They occur as a result of great potentials, visions and aspirations in life.

Crying at their surfacing may not help out, rather, confrontation of such problems will grant you your destiny. You can take advantage of them.

Giving your life to Christ is the best decision to make now. Are you ready?

Say; Lord Jesus, come into my heart, I accept you as my Lord and personal Saviour, I admit am a sinner but I confess my sins today, forgive me, transfer my name from the book of death to the book of life and give me the power not to go back to my former ways, I believe I am a new creature from now, thank you for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

Ekeke is of the Spew Evangelical Outreach.


Prophet Godswill Ekeke