Bride Slaps Groom Over Wedding Gift


Newly-wedded couples have made a public show of themselves in Egbeda Community in Emohua Local Government of Rivers State over whose family should keep the wedding gift items they received.

Small Talks learnt that the groom’s family has immediately arranged a bus to convey  the gifts items to their family in Etche.

On hearing this information as Small Talks was told, the groom’s family withstood them and refused their action,

The bride’s family who was not yet satisfied sent for their daughter and reported the situation.

When the groom also came to find out things for himself, his wife, went closer and rained slaps on his face.

The groom as this medium learnt responded which resulted to a “Royal Rambo”.

Small Talks gathered that the bride’s family won the battle as the gifts were kept back in their house till the next day.

Small Talks reports that the couples are still living together, but not sure if romance between both families are still cordial.