Sugar Daddy Turns Girl Mad


A randy sugar daddy has turned one of his little babies mad over her refusal to sleep with him.

 The incident happened sometime last month in the capital city of Imo State, Owerri.

Small Talks source in the area, had it that the randy sugar daddy have give his 20-year-old babe huge sum inorder to allow him count her as one of his “slaughters”.

But our source reported that the girls continued refusal to the man’s request forced him to use some charms on her that later turned her mad.

 The 20-year-old girl, as we learnt is a charge card retailer along Douglas Road in Owerri.

 Small Talk source hinted that when the girl came to her work place on that fateful day, she started shouting “don’t force me because of what you gave me.”

The shout according to the source preceded with dancing and removal of her wears including underpants.

Residents who are aware of the incident, claimed that she have neither taken Indian hemp or collected “Sugar Daddy’s money without payment.

The girl has been since taken to her village, Akabo due to the sickness.