Investors Return To Market, As Index Remains Stable


Investors have returned to the floor of Nigerian Stock Exchange after the Easter holidays that seemed responsible for the crash in traded equities witnessed last week Thursday.

Specifically,  market closed at 25,966.25 points, a position it has maintained since last week.

Market capitalisation also remained the same at N6.28 trillion compared to the last day of trading at NSE Thursday.

At the end of trading Tuesday, a total of 507,993, 311 shares worth N4.31 billion exchanged hands in 8,972 deals.

However, there seemed to be a slight appreciation of 19.53 percent from 408,781,638 volume of shares traded Thursday to close at 507,993,311  shares.

Also the value of traded equities went up by 36.19 percent from N2.75 billion, to close at N4.31 billion.

Although there was a slight increase in the volume and value of traded equities on the floor of NSE yesterday, market however has not recovered from the crash of the volume and value of traded equities compared to market performance on Wednesday, when a total of 791,438,310 shares worth N7.55 billion  exchanged hands in 12,183 deals.

Meanwhile, the gainers chart yesterday was led by Nestle Plc which  traded a total of 540,822 shares worth N153.3 million in 42 deals.

Mobil, Oando, Flourmill and NB followed, trading a total of 266,343, 460,055, 6,079,392 and 1,724,563 shares worth N28.78 million, N40.84 million, N389 million and N112.5 million in 71,75,126 and 113 deals.

The losers chart on the other hand was led by AP which traded a total of 78,192 shares worth N3.04 million in 18 deals.