Total Holds ‘Diversity’ Arts Show In PH


As part of its corporate social responsibility, Total E & P Nigeria Limited, last week, sponsored another exhibition, encompassing a potpourri of Nigerian arts at the Total Village, Port Harcourt.

With the theme: Diversity, the exhibition was hinged on the premise that the treasures of Nigerian arts reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of its people.

The exhibition, which featured 28 artists from the six geo-political zones, had a variety of works of paintings, sculptures (wood and metal), ceramics, graphic designers, potters, calligraphers, leather works, among others.

At the event, Total’s Deputy Managing Director, Port Harcourt District, Mr Roger Poirier, expressed delight over the theme of the exhibition, noting that Total recognises the need for multinationals to acknowledge and establish permanent structures that promote the sustainability of the uniqueness of human personalities, cultures and orientations.

According to him, “arts, especially visual miens, have a way of communicating issues and phenomena much more effectively than words”.

Poirier further stated that artists have the capacity of galvanising minds away from negative emotions and divisive actions unto noble activities which promote the “sacredness of life, the richness of cultures and the strength of the human mind.”

Reacting to the array of artists and works at the exhibition, Mrs Agnes Umeche, who specialises in the making of Adire materials, commended Total for bringing together artists of different backgrounds to showcase their talents.

Speaking in a similar vein, one of the participants, Diseye Tantua, said that Total had for long  been at the vanguard for the promotion of contemporary arts in Nigeria, and stressed that the annual event has elevated the profiles of Nigerian artists to a remarkable point in global recognition and appreciation.


Beemene Taneh