Why We Celebrate Easter


Easter in Nigeria is almost celebrated like Christmas. I use the word almost because many people celebrate Christmas more than Easter. To me the reverse should be true. Jesus was actually born so that he would die for us. His death signifies our reconciliation to God. The message of the CROSS has been preached for thousands of years but each time it is preached, someone somewhere is touched. That is just how important Easter is. Jesus had a point when He died. May be this Easter, it is time you considered understanding why a man who was God and lives in the glory of heaven decided to come and die for you. Thinking about the glory of Jesus may be more effective than cramming churches because it is Easter. The simple message is that Jesus loves each one of us so much that he chose to lay down His life for us. It does not matter whether you were the only Christian on earth. He was determined to die for you anyway. So He wants to bless you this Easter, not because you have been praying and fasting so much but because he loves you. There is nothing we can do for God other than worshipping him. It is as simple as that. It is now time to look at how people celebrate Easter. In Nigeria, right after church for those who will manage to pray, it will be time for feasting. Different places in Port Harcourt especially churches have Easter programmes, some churches will be showing the film on what Jesus passed through, some will hold music extravaganza, some will be having an Easter production while many other churches would organise different programmes to commemorate the day. In Britain, there will not be many fire works like on New year but at least people exchange Easter eggs and little chicks to symbolise the beginning of new life. Many families invite friends for lunch and that is when Easter eggs are given out. In America, they also exchange Easter eggs but most importantly Easter carols will be sang in many cathedrals. At the Vatican, seat tickets for the High mass on Easter started being sold weeks to the D-Day. The pope often leads the mass. In the rest of Italy and Rome, faithfuls gather to worship the risen saviour. In Japan, Easter will be celebrated at the beach. Yes, in many parts of the world people are looking forward to the Easter break because they will not work. They will stay home visit friends and visit the beach with loved ones. Whatever you choose to do this Easter enjoy yourselves but do not forget that Jesus loves you so much that he died for your sins. Sir Ichoko resides in Port Harcourt. Anthony Ichoku