Boxers Upbeat About Ghana Tour …Ahead Youth Olympics


Eight boxers picked for a tour of Ghana ahead of the Youth Olympics trials in Azerbaijan are upbeat about the tour, saying it will give them exposure.

The boxers, who are among the 16 in camp for the April trials have commended the Nigeria Boxing Federation (NBF) for organising the training tour.

One of the boxers, Agbaje Taiwo, told newsmen in Lagos that the tour would expose them to more techniques.

“The NBF have really tried by organising the training tour, they don’t want to leave any stone unturned in our preparations by making sure that we are equipped to excel.

“We have been under serious training with fellow Nigerian boxers as sparing partners but this tour will intensify our training on how to face opponents from other countries,’’ he said.

Another boxer, Nnamdi Kenneth, said the tour came at the right time as some of them had not fought outside the country before and so had limited exposure.

“The national trials was the first stage but the Ghana tour is a big plus because we will face non-Nigerians and know how to face the main competition,’’ he said.

For Waidi Sogbamu, the tour will expose the boxers to modern facilities and a better training gym.

“The gym at the National Stadium, Lagos, is in bad shape, all the facilities are worn out but in Ghana, I am sure there will be a difference and we need it,’’ he said.

NBF Secretary Patrick Uwagbale also said that the tour was part of the federation’s effort to prepare them adequately for the trials.

“Many of them will be having their first outing, so the tour will help them to be in competition shape and to silence stage fright during the fight next month.

“They have been in camp at the Games Village, Lagos, and the coaches have been drilling them. We want to maximise all avenues for them to be adequately ready,’’ he said.