Wife Loses Eye To Extra-marital Affairs


A top class Nigerian lady based in London has lost one of her eyes after  receiving beatings from her husband who caught her in bed with a young lover.

The woman however claimed that she was abandoned by her husband and was only left with the option of bringing in a young lover boy in order to satisfy her urge.

Small Talks sources hinted that luck ran against the woman who thought that her husband would stay longer on his trip as usual.

The man claimed  his action was necessitated by his wife’s continual act of bringing in young boys each time he was away on a business trip.

According to our sources, the man had on that occasion lied to his wife about his intention to travel to other areas when once he was done with the assignments within.

Much to his superise, the wife wasted no time in bringing in her lover boy right into his bed room.

A source also hinted that the man may face a legal battle should the wife’s threat to inform the police of the incident be any thing to go by.

Our source however, further revealed that several Nigerian women abroad are into such games, either to satisfy their urge or to make ends meet.