‘Building Code, Not Panacea To Building Collapse’


The National Building Code believed to hold the magic ward to check incidence of building collapse may after-all not be a panacea for building collapse in Nigeria.

This is because the Code lacked home grown and did not put into consideration the peculiarities of Nigeria climate and terrain.

A Professor of Structural Engineering at the University of Lagos, Obanishola Sadiq who stated this insisted that the code had not achieved any significant success in addressing building collapses .

According to him, the code is not home grown and cannot make any impact in tackling building collapse.

Speaking in an interview with newsmen in Lagos, Professor Sadiq revealed that these countries funded researches of their topography and obtained relevant facts about their climate and terrain which they fashioned into their building code adding that nobody did the same in Nigeria.

“What happened here was that the government and some groups gathered themselves together and pieced together a document which they labelled the National Building Code” he explained

According to him, many professionals in the built environment still use the British standard which has been tested over the years.