RSG Approves Two New Sewage Treatment Plants


As part of measures to curb the indiscriminate dumping of sewage within the city and water bodies around the state, the Rivers State Government has approved the installment of two modern sewage treatment plants.

The Special Assistant to the Governor on Waste Water Control, Dr Ogu Emejuru disclosed  this chat with journalists on Monday in Port Harcourt.

One of the plants would be installed at the new city while the other would be at the old city, Dr Emejuru said, adding that the plants would be delivered in two months time.

Though Dr. Emejuru did not disclose the cost of the plants, he said a lot of equipment have to be put in place including laboratories and land for its installaion.

The two treatment plants have the capacity of handling 250,000 litres of waste per day, which would be enlarged as the population swells.

Dr. Emejuru said already the site for the one at the new city has been approved within the Choba/Ogbogoro axis, “but because of the Sports Festival and infrastructure department in the new city, there is an alternative arrangement to locate it within the hospital and the  university community”.

He submitted that when once the plants are installed sewage disposers would stand to gain because it would reduce the expenses they incur in acquiring sites for waste disposal.

The Governor’s special aide also stressed the need for sensitisation and enforcement, noting that his office has begun series of sensitisation and enlightenment on the sewage disposers.

“Because of the persuasion and meetings use have with them, they have been able to form an association of sewage contractors in the state”, he remarked.