In Sisi Hotel, The Secret is Special Drink


In a bid to take the lead in the hospitality industry, Sissi Hotel has introduced to the relaxation arena, a special drink called Sissi Special.

According to the hotel’s bar Supervisor, Mr Noble O. Noble, “Sissi Special is a nice drink that gives colour and flavour to celebrations of any kind.  It is a must to any ceremony that you intend to leave a remarkable experience on your guests”.

Noble said the demand for Sissi Special has been on the rise especially as the social life of the garden city is beginning to gain momentum, adding that many of the hotel’s guests who visit their bar simply ask for Sissi Special.

The bar has a serene environment that helps calm the guests’ nerve after the day’s hustle and bustle. It is a well stocked bar with different cocktails, wines and drinks that enrich one’s relaxation.

Sissi Hotel has all the amenities and facilities any modern hotel in the world can offer.

“We  offer 24 hour professional service and have a 200 KVA sound-proof generator set and transformer that guarantees uninterrupted power supply.  Efficient security network with the security men armed with security devices; a business centre etc”, explained the hotel supervisor Mr Dokubo Krakrafaa.

Situated at 46 Oromenike Street D/Line, the heart of the Garden City, a stay in Sissi Hotel facilitates  the guest’s business transactions as a result of its strategic location.

Also available is a conference hall fully air conditioned with all the modern equipment needed in a conference hall and it is beautifully arranged to cater for diverse corporate, official and family occasions.

“The hotel’s restaurant emits tantalising aroma that keeps any guest glued to his seat until he has a taste of the delicacies from the highly prized cooks”, Mrs Mary Akpan said.

Mrs Akpan said many of their guests go for afang soup because of the rich ingredient.

“To have a rich afang soup, one needs afang or okazi leaf, water leaf, dried fish, fresh fish, stock fish, crayfish, salt, fresh or dried pepper, palm oil, maggi and periwinkle (optional)”, Mrs Akpan listed.

The hotel has 30 rooms well designed to give the guest comfort, and a memorable stay at the hotel.