Air-Powered Cooker Hits Nigerian Market


As Nigerians yearn for alternative power supply in view of scarcity and attendant high cost of kerosene and gas, an air-powered cooker has come to the people’s rescue.

The cooker, which  surfaced in the market about three months ago, is produce in Korea, according to a distributor.

The distributor, Mr Kingston Godknows said the product is in very short supply but that efforts were being made to import it in larger quantity because it sells well in Nigeria.

“The oxygen that powers the cooker lasts for between one month and two, and you can refill it with just N500.00,” he said.

Popular areas where you can get the cooker in Port Harcourt are D/Line, under Mile 1 flyover and in the Old Port Harcourt township area.

Mrs Christy Olando, a house wife told The Tide at one of the outlets that she bought one last week and has decided to come and buy another one for the daughter.

“It is portable, more economical and less hazardous when compared with the normal gas cooker or kerosene stove. Moreso, with it, I have less to worry about kerosene or gas in view of their high cost,” she remarked.

At present, it cost between N8,000 and N10,000 in Port Harcourt depending on one’s bargaining power but in Port Harcourt, the air-powered cooker is said to be relatively cheaper.

One problem with the cooker is that it is scarce compared to the demand, but the distributor revealed that efforts were being made to import it massively into the country because Nigerians are embracing it.

Another fear being expressed by some people is on the durability since Korean products are known to be less durable. But in whichever way, it is good for all classes of people.


Chris Oluoh