Actress Faints During Sex Bout


A popular actress from Lagos State has some time last week fainted in a London hotel after a sex bout with a rich Lagos big boy.

Small Talks learnt that the lady was lured into the sex agreement by the man’s wealth and popularity in town.

According to Small Talks in London said that the Lagos big boy promised the actress one jeep and other gift items if only she could befriend him or even have a child for him.

The actress which was fascinated by the promises could not help to accepted the man’s offer.

Our source said that the Lagos big boy who also is an operator of a popular hotel and bar, in order to press home his demand promised to take  the actress to London on  a later date which she obliged.

The source maintained that when they arrived London, they booked the most expensive hotel which made the actress to believe the guy’s claims.

During “tangling” the source hinted, the lady collapsed due to the size of the guy’s “thing”.

Small Talk gathered that the guy is feared throughout Lagos among the female folk due to the size of his dick.

They even nick-named him extralarge it said.